What does IP-Coster do?

IP-Coster is an online platform which aims to facilitate the IP protection process worldwide. IP-Coster is designed to generate accurate cost estimates, initiate direct filings and provide workflow solutions for patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs worldwide.

IP-Coster offers the following tools:

  • MessengerCommunication tool for applicants and patent attorneys

  • IP-Guide -  Worldwide applicant’s guide

Why choose IP-Coster?

IP-Coster is a complementary resource offering a range of solutions for simplifying your daily IP activity, particularly:

  • Online cost estimation of IPR protection for any country worldwide within minutes. Obtaining quotations via IP-Coster saves you time regularly spent searching for reliable partners, requesting and analyzing their fees, etc.
  • Online filings performed by responsible agents of the IP-Coster Network.
  • Online access to your cases and correspondence 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to generate invoices and payment records in the web-based billing system.
  • Automatic notification of forthcoming deadlines.
  • Foreign filing guides supported by IP-Coster Agents. 

What types of membership are available?

IP-Coster offers 3 types of membership:
One-day – free access for 24 hours with a limited number of quotes;
Extended – free 2-month access which may be further prolonged;
– unlimited access to all features of the IP-Coster platform. It can be obtained by paying an annual fee or granted after an order has been placed.

How to become an agent of the IP-Coster Network

The IP-Coster Network is open for cooperation with Intellectual Property professionals worldwide. Agents of the IP-Coster Network are carefully selected according to their responsiveness, reliability and reasonability of fees. Please send us a request to join the network as an agent if your company meets the requirements set forth above.

What are the quotations based on?

Quotations provided by IP-Coster are based upon Government fees in accordance with each country's Intellectual Property Office, as well as the professional fees of IP-Coster's agents working in their specific jurisdictions.
Any worldwide IP legislative amendments or updates are reflected in the IP-Coster quotation system. This is possible due to the support of our global network and constant monitoring by our team.

The generated cost report only contains the filing stage. How can I get the whole process estimated?

Final quotations are based on data provided during a 6 step estimation process. At step 4 you are able to define the stages and actions to be reflected in the quote. By default, the system selects the stages and actions that are available for payment, i.e. for which an invoice may be generated in accordance with the procedure of the IPR registration. You are able to customize stages by adding and/or removing additional stages and/or actions, such as grant, recordal of assignment, change of name and/or address, acceleration of the examination, etc.

I'm trying to select Germany and EPO but system does not allow it. Why?

IP-Coster is intended to initiate direct filings after generating a quotation. Filing an application in both jurisdictions is unnecessary due to the fact that Germany is a member of the European Patent Organization (EPO).
To get a quotation for obtaining a patent in Germany and the EPO, you may generate two separate quotations and choose which route to take for filing.

Can I save a quotation for future reference?

One of the advantages of using IP-Coster is that the platform allows you to save quotations by clicking on the “Save Project” button. Your quotation is valid for a period of 24 hours and available for review in the “My projects” tab. After its expiration, the project may be updated to reflect up to date currency rates and official fees without re-entering the application information.

How can I file an application via IP-Coster?

To proceed with the order simply click on the “Place order and get invoice” button which becomes available after saving the quotation as a project.
Verification for new members is required. After the account has been verified, an invoice can be generated. Automatic instructions are sent to the IP-Coster agent to confirm your case order. IP-Coster operates on an advance payment basis to guarantee the liability and cooperation of both parties regardless of the location and residence thereof. All further communication with the agents is supported via Messenger. All correspondence and documents shared within the instant messaging session may be reviewed and uploaded in a convenient format at any time.

To whom should I send the application materials?

The application materials, as well as any other details in respect of the case procedure, should be sent to a representative of the Agent’s company via Messenger. 
To send a message to contact(s) involved in the same project, please select "Messenger" in the "My projects" tab, then click on the necessary project. You can then compose your message in the dialog box. The application materials and any other documents necessary for filing may be attached and sent together with the message. 

Which payment methods are accepted?

Invoices can be settled via bank transfer, PayPal and major credit/debit cards.

What is included in the invoice?

Depending on the IP registration procedure, invoices are only issued for the selected stages and actions which are available for payment at the time of quoting.

Is it possible to monitor the application status and deadlines?

Application status and deadlines may be monitored via IP-Workflow - an online docketing system that enables users to manage cases. It provides all case records handled via IP-Coster, current statuses of the applications, deadlines for particular actions, etc. IP-Workflow also provides email reporting to notify applicants about forthcoming deadlines.

May I use IP-Workflow as my own database for internal purposes of my company?

IP-Workflow is typically a supplementary tool for cases filed via IP-Coster, however you may add your own internal records and manage your own cases. This option is available on a fee paid or a gratuitous basis, at the discretion of IP-Coster Administration.

Is it possible to get several accounts for a company to manage the same or different IPR types?

Due to the fact that several representatives of a company may be involved in the case management, it is possible to register several users from one company. To proceed, please register new user(s) indicating the same company details. For further arrangements, please contact us.