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Simply select the membership type that suits you best and fill in the registration form. Please enter valid user details for successful registration. After submitting your form, please activate your account via the link sent to the provided user’s email address.

With an IP-Coster account you can generate free quotations for all jurisdictions, save projects and initiate filings in the countries of your interest. There is NO CHARGE for signing up for an account.

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The quotation process consists of 6 easy steps:

Step 1 | Select the IP type you wish to get a quote for or, alternatively, use a saved project. We offer quotations for various IP types including Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Utility Models, Trademark and Design renewals, etc.

Step 2 | Choose the jurisdictions of your interest. You may choose any country and/or regional organization from the extensive list available in the system. Please note that selection of a regional organization and its member state in the same quotation is not available.

Step 3 | The preferred agent provided by IP-Coster is recommended to you in each jurisdiction by default. Premium Members can choose an agent at their discretion by selecting one from the drop-down list. To ensure your confidence in the patent agent, we have formed the international network of qualified and reliable agents with a high level of expertise and competency.

Step 4 | Check the recommended stages which may be customized as per your needs. Payment availability status is displayed below the table of contents to specify whether chosen stages are payable at the time of quoting, depending on the country’s registration procedure.

Step 5 | Depending on the IP protection type and the countries selected, you need to enter application details to obtain a precise quotation that reflects any reductions of official fees that may be applicable (e.g. for a patent application: application number, total number of claims, number of independent claims, number of pages, etc.; for a trademark application: application number, number of classes, number of goods/services in one class, etc.).

Step 6 | The quotation summary is ready for your quick review instantly. You may also see a detailed report which is available for download in different formats.

You can save your quotation as a new project by clicking “Save project” for future reference. This feature allows you to review your quotation at any point without the need to re-enter your data. The rates are valid for a period of 24 hours and may be actualized by clicking “Update” at any time.

Place order

This option is available for registered members only.

Please go to your saved project and click "Place order and Get Invoice" to review your invoice on the project page.

If this is your first order with IP-Coster, you may get the “Place order and get premium membership” option to upgrade your account to Premium. After verification by our administrator, your account will be upgraded and the invoice will be available in the “My projects” tab.

After reviewing the order and invoice details, please click “Confirm” to generate an invoice. You may review, download or delete all of your invoices via “Invoices” in the "My projects" tab.

After invoice confirmation, our system sends order details to the assigned agent(s) for reviewing via Messenger and email.

Please complete your order by sending the formal instructions, files and application details to your agent via Messenger.

The agent reviews your order and confirms acceptance thereof within one business day, after which you receive the corresponding notification and may proceed with the payment.

Please create a payment record once the invoice has been settled. You may add and edit your payment records by going to “Payments” in the "My projects" tab.

Invoice status changes to "paid" when IP-Coster approves your payment record confirming the invoice settlement.  

Your agents will ensure you are updated on any developments in respect of your case. They will also send any reports (when the application is filed or any other steps are fulfilled) via Messenger. All correspondence and files are stored on your account in Messenger. Also, files can be found in the corresponding Project.

When you require an additional action, e.g. examination, grant, recordal of assignment, etc., please go to the “My projects” tab, select the corresponding project and click “New order” on the project page.

Manage cases

“IP-Workflow” is a docketing system dedicated to managing your IP assets during their whole lifecycle.

The “Cases” tab provides access to all case data. From the “Cases” tab it is possible to access Messenger, get quotations and send instructions to Agents as well as generate invoices for these actions.

The “Schedule” tab enables you to ensure that deadlines are met and tasks are completed on time.  It allows you to keep track of your application process and monitor statuses & deadlines, as well as make any internal comments.

“Applicants”, “Authors”, “Clients” and “Аgents” are tabs to gather all relevant information and documents in a single personal database.


If you have questions on how to use our system or you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.