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Industrial Design registration in Kyrgyzstan

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  • Design fees

Fees associated with filing industrial design application in Kyrgyzstan as well as other design fees are available in the fee calculator.

  • Term for filing the design applications in Kyrgyzstan

The term for submitting the design application in Kyrgyzstan claiming priority is six months from the priority date.

  • Filing documents in Kyrgyzstan

To obtain a filing date, an industrial design application must contain:
- request to grant a patent on the industrial design containing information about the applicant;
- set of pictures of the industrial design;
- description of the industrial design;
- list of essential features.

  • Multiple design application

Multiple design applications are possible in Kyrgyzstan if the designs concern the same object or may be identified as a kit of goods and have a single design concept.

  • Power of Attorney requirements

Official legalisation or notarization of the Power of Attorney is not required. It may be provided within two months from filing the Kyrgyzstani design application.

  • Priority document

A copy of the priority document should be filed with the Kyrgyzpatent within four months from the filing date.

  • Examination of a design application in Kyrgyzstan

Substantive examination of a design application is optional. The applicant should file a request specifying whether he wishes to conduct substantive examination or a patent on the design should be granted based on the results of the formal examination. In case the corresponding request is not filed within 12 months from the filing date, the application is considered withdrawn.

  • Validity term

The patent on industrial design in Kyrgyzstan is valid for ten years from the date of filing. The validity term may be extended on request of the patent owner but no more than for five years.

  • Grant and maintenance fees

The official fees for patent registration should be paid within two months from the date of receipt of the decision to grant a patent. The first post-grant annuities starting from the 3rd year must be paid within this term as well. All next annuities are counted from the filing date and are paid before the beginning of the following year.

  • Grace period

Disclosure of the information about the industrial design within six months before the filing of the application or priority date thereof, in case of claimed priority, does not disprove the novelty of the industrial design according to the Kyrgyz legislation.

  • Representation by a patent attorney

For foreigners, it is required to perform the industrial design prosecution in Kyrgyzstan through a registered Kyrgyzstani patent attorney.

  • What can be registered

The legal protection may be granted to the new and original artistic solutions which determine an appearance of a product.

  •  Note

Online Database for International Designs Search.

Brief summary is based on the information provided by Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners on 15.06.2022
Please contact us if the above information is not in conformity with Kyrgyzstani IP Laws