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  • Patent fees

Fees associated with filing patent applications in Denmark as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator.

  • The term for filing patent applications in Denmark

The term for filing a patent application under the Paris Convention is 12 months from the date of priority. This term may be restored if a request for re-establishment is filed within 14 months from the priority date. The term can only be restored if certain formal requirements are met and all due care can be proven.

  • Minimum filing requirements in Denmark

Filing of a description, identity or contact information of the applicant, and an indication that a Danish patent application is sought is enough to obtain the filing date.

  • Language of the Danish patent application

The official language of patent applications is Danish and English. An application may be filed and further processed in English; however, a Danish translation of patent claims should be submitted before granting a patent.

  • Priority document

The priority document should be provided within 16 months from the priority date to the Danish Patent Office.

  • Power of Attorney requirements

Legalisation or notarization of the POA is not required. A scanned copy of the signed Power of Attorney is sufficient. It may be submitted after filing.

  • Substantive examination request

A request for substantive examination is made at the time of filing by paying the filing fee. The procedure of acceleration is available.

  • Grace period

The novelty grace period of six months before the filing date is applicable if the disclosure has occurred as an evident abuse in relation to the applicant or display at an exhibition falling under the Convention on International Exhibitions.

  • Grant and maintenance fees

The official grant fee for Danish patent should be paid within two months from the Notice of Allowance. The 1st-3rd maintenance fees should be paid by the end of the 2nd year of the patent application.

  • Utility Model

Inventions may also be protected as Utility Models in Denmark, which are subject to formal examination only. Substantive examination is carried out only if it is explicitly requested at any time before registration by the applicant or after registration by the registrant or any third party upon payment of the examination fee.

Utility Model in Denmark shall be granted to any new creation which is susceptible of industrial application and which provides a solution to a technical problem, and which clearly differs from the state of the art.

The official grant fee for Danish UM is included in the filing fee. The UM is valid for 3 years from the filing and may be extended for a further three-year and a four-year terms up to 10 years by payment of the first maintenance fee by the end of the 2nd year and the second maintenance fee by the end of the 6th year.

  • Representation by a patent attorney

For foreign applicants, it is recommended to perform patent prosecution in Denmark through a local agent, a registered Danish patent attorney.

  • Notes

1. Online Search Databases: Danish Patents and Utility Models, European Patents (EPO).
2. Patent protection in Denmark is available via registration of the European patent and its further validation in Denmark.

Brief summary is based on the information provided by PATRADE A/S on 11.03.2024
Please contact us if the above information is not in conformity with Danish IP Laws