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  • Patent fees

Fees associated with filing patent applications in Portugal as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator

  • Term for filing patent applications in Portugal

Term for filing a patent application in Portugal claiming priority is 12 months from the priority date. It is possible to restore this term within two months after this period provided duly grounded application is filed.

  • Minimum of filing documents in Portugal

To obtain the filing date an application should contain at least:
- name, address and nationality of the applicant(s) and inventor(s);
- indication of number, date and country of priority (if any)
- application text (description, claims, abstract and drawings) in Portuguese or English.

  • Language of the Portuguese patent application

The official language for patent registration is Portuguese. The application may also be filed in English. A Portuguese translation should be submitted within one month from the corresponding notification provided that additional fee is paid.

  • Priority document

Usually, the Portuguese PTMO does not require the filing of the priority document. However, under special circumstances, the PTMO may ask for this document and its translation into Portuguese.

  • Power of Attorney requirements

A Power of Attorney is not required if the application is filed through a registered Portuguese patent attorney.

  • Substantive examination request

The substantive examination in Portugal is applied automatically at the time of filing the Portuguese patent application.

  • Grace period

The grace period for filing a patent application in Portugal is six months from the date of disclosure.

  • Grant and maintenance fees

There is no grant fee stipulated for a granted Portuguese Patent. The first annual fees should be paid from the 3rd year from the filing date.

  • Representation by a patent attorney

It is recommended to appoint a registered Industrial Property Official Agent to represent the Applicant before the Portuguese PTMO.

  • Notes

1. Online Search databases: Portuguese Patents, European Patents (EPO).
2. The patent protection in Portugal may also be obtained via European Patent and its further validation in Portugal

The above information was verified on 16/03/2018
Please contact us if the above information contains any discrepancies with Portuguese IP Laws.