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  • Trademark fees

Fees associated with filing trademark applications in France, as well as other trademark fees, are available in the fee calculator.

  • Multiple-class applications

Multiple-class trademark applications are possible in France.

  • Filing requirements in France

The official language of the proceedings before the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) is French.

To obtain the filing date, it is necessary to furnish the INPI with the application for registration containing:
- information about the applicant;
- representation of the trademark;
- list of goods and services;
- priority claim (if applicable);
- proof of payment of the prescribed fees.

A certified copy of the Priority Document and the translation thereof should be submitted within 3 months from the filing date.

It is not necessary to provide the Power of Attorney if the applicant is represented by an industrial property attorney. In other cases the original non-legalized Power of Attorney should be submitted.

  • Publication, opposition and examination of a trademark application in France

Trademarks are examined as to the compliance with formal requirements, and it is established during the substantive examination whether a sign is distinctive or not. No search for prior trademarks is conducted. Applications are published within 6 weeks from the filing date. The term for launching oppositions is two months from the publication of an application.

  • Grant, validity term and trademark renewal

There is no official grant fee in France. Trademarks in France are valid for a period of ten years from the filing date, renewable indefinite number of times for further periods of ten years. A request for renewal can be filed within a twelve-month period which ends on the expiration day of a trademark. The payment still may be effected and renewal may be requested during a grace period of six months, corresponding surcharge applies.

  • Duration of registration procedure

To get a trademark registered in France, it takes an average of 4-6 months.

  • Use requirement

If a trademark has not been used for a period of five years from the registration, it can be cancelled on a third party request filed with the French IP Institute.

  • Representation by a trademark attorney

For applicants not residing in France, EU or EEA (European Economic Area), it is necessary to perform trademark registration through an agent, a registered French trademark attorney.

  • Notes

1. Online Search Databases: French TrademarksEU TrademarksInternational TrademarksTMView
2. Trademark protection in France may also be obtained via registration of a European Union Trademark.
3. French trademark registration extends to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion and French Guyana, Wallis and Futuna, the French Austral Islands and the French Antarctic territories, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte, and to New Caledonia and dependencies.
4. The response to a provisional refusal of an international registration in France can be filed within one month from the date the applicant receives the refusal, extensions are possible. It is not necessary to provide evidence of the date of receipt. The language of the response is French. Applicants not residing in the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland are required to appoint a local representative.

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