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    Lebanese pound (LBP)

Trademark in Lebanon

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  • Trademark fees

Fees associated with filing trademark applications in Lebanon , as well as other trademark fees,are available in the fee calculator.

  • Multiple-class applications

Trademark applications in Lebanon may concern goods and services in any number of classes. Separate fee for each class applies.

  • Minimum filing requirements in Lebanon

To obtain the date of filing the trademark application in Lebanon must contain:
- request to register a trademark, containing applicant details and type of industry practiced as well as the agent details;
- a brief description of the trademark and its representation;
- list of goods and services;
- Power of Attorney, legalized at Lebanese Consulate abroad and super legalized at the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the name of the signatory has to be mentioned);
- filing fee.

  • Priority document

If priority is claimed, the scanned copy of the priority document together with the Arabic translation should be provided within three months of the filing date.

  • Opposition period

There is no provision for opposition. Trademarks are published in the Official Gazette after registration. Any interest in opposition should be dealt through cancellation before the Court.

  • Grant, validity term and trademark renewal

The grant fee is included in the official filing fee. The validity term of a trademark in Lebanon is 15 years from the date of registration which can be renewed for further periods of 15 years if the corresponding request for renewal is filed within 6 months before the due date or within 3 months after its expiration by paying a surcharge.

  • Use requirement

There is no use requirement. In Lebanon, the use of a trademark is not compulsory.

  • Representation by a trademark attorney

Foreign applicant(s) must be represented by an agent, a registered Lebanese trademark attorney.

  •  Note

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Brief summary is based on the information provided by Jah & Co. IP on 08/01/2018
Please contact us if the above information contains any discrepancies with Lebanese IP Laws