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  • Trademark fees

Fees associated with filing trademark applications in Lebanon , as well as other trademark fees,are available in the fee calculator.

  • Multiple-class applications

Trademark applications in Lebanon may concern goods and services in any number of classes. Separate fee for each class applies.

  • Minimum filing requirements in Lebanon

To obtain the date of filing the trademark application in Lebanon must contain:
- request to register a trademark, containing applicant details and type of industry practiced as well as the agent details;
- a brief description of the trademark and its representation;
- list of goods and services;
- Power of Attorney. Legalisation up to the Lebanese Consulate is required. Local legalisation by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also required (the name of the signatory has to be mentioned);
- filing fee.

  • Priority document

If priority is claimed, a certified copy of the priority document together with the Arabic translation should be provided within three months of the filing date.

  • Opposition period

There is no provision for opposition. Trademarks are published in the Official Gazette after registration. Any interest in opposition should be dealt through cancellation before the Court.

  • Grant, validity term and trademark renewal

The grant fee is included in the official filing fee. The validity term of a trademark in Lebanon is 15 years from the date of registration which can be renewed for further periods of 15 years if the corresponding request for renewal is filed within 12 months before the due date or within 3 months after its expiration by paying a surcharge.

  • Use requirement

There is no use requirement. In Lebanon, the use of a trademark is not compulsory.

  • Representation by a trademark attorney

Foreign applicant(s) must be represented by a local agent, a registered Lebanese trademark attorney.

  •  Note

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Brief summary is based on the information provided by NJQ & ASSOCIATES on 25.04.2023
Please contact us if the above information is not in conformity with Lebanese IP Laws