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Company address  Bucharest, 8 Teodor Stefanescu Street, Etaj 2, Ap.4, Sector 3
Jurisdiction  Romania
Contact person  Contact person: Mr. Claudiu Feraru
Phone  Tel: +40 72 265 3084
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FERARU IP OFFICE is a Romanian IP law firm with years of experience in Romanian and European law practice regarding intellectual property rights. Our team of lawyers and European counselors on patent, trademark, copyright and design rights has worked extensively on both Romanian and international cases. As former members of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), our lawyers have gained a deep understanding of the domain and thorough skills in a wide variety of intellectual property services.

At FERARU IP OFFICE, we focus on creative, unconventional approaches, meant to deliver results fast, with no unnecessary costs and with maximum of benefits for the client.

Our Mission is to allow creativity to develop by supporting variety, the unconventional and flexibility. We value experiences, perspectives, talents and cultural diversity. Our purpose is to become leaders in the intellectual  property area by providing high quality legal and technical services and by setting an example of professionalism and integrity. 

Why work with us

Thorough knowledge of IP market and procedures in Romania and the EU

Our counselors, lawyers and engineers have gained comprehensive knowledge, experience and skills during many years of practice in the Intellectual Property field, both nationally and internationally. We understand the specificity of technical domains, as well as business development and strategy, so we can offer appropriate and personalized advice to our clients.

Representation before international IP courts

Our team of IP lawyers is certified to represent the clients before the European Patent Office (EPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as before Romanian institutions. 

Team experience gained as OSIM members

Most of FERARU IP OFFICE lawyers and counselors have previously worked for the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), which translated into comprehensive expertise in Romanian and European IP laws and procedures.


Protecting our clients’ best interest is what we have in mind when advising and suggesting IP strategies. We look for the best solutions and unconventional approaches, which lead to achieving goals with minimum of expenses.

Focused work, quality results

All FERARU IP OFFICE team members are passionate about their domains and dedicated to their work. Our policy is to stay focused and thorough, pay attention to details, yet not miss the greater perspective. This has always helped us offer quality services. 

Practice areas
Trademarks (Search and Monitoring, Renewal, Prosecution, Litigation and Arbitration, Due Diligence, Opposition and Cancellation actions, Portfolio, Management and Transactions), Patents (Search and Examination, Renewal, Prosecution, Litigation and Arbitration, Portfolio Management and Transactions), Copyright (Search, Licensing, Litigation and arbitration,Transactions)

Leading practitioners

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Claudiu FERARU: Owner of Ropatent (since 2010) and owner at Claudiu Feraru Law Firm (since 2013). He has 10 years of experience in Law and Intellectual Property, as an attorney at the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office (OSIM) and Senior Lawyer at Catalin Dancu & Associates, as well as INTA member. He is dedicated to continuous learning, which is why all along his career he attended several courses on IP, Civil law and the new Code of Civil Procedure, opposition and Appeal Proceedings before the European Patent Office, Advanced Patent Courses (Strasbourg), Arbitration and Meditation at WIPO (Geneva). Also, he is actively involved in different partnerships with universities and NGOs from Romania, guiding students, teachers and managers regarding various IP matters.

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Ionica STEFAN: Specialized in Trademarks, he has a 12 year experience in dealing with trademarks examination at OSIM i.e. Romanian Patent and Trademark Office; EU trademarks, International Registrations and EU Designs at EUIPO. He seconded the national expert at EUIPO in Alicante for 5 years. Mr. Stefan also attended numerous international conferences, courses and seminars with Industrial Property experts such as the CEIPI Strasbourg and seminars at WIPO. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Viorel PORDEA: He graduated the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. Specialized in patents, he worked for 36 years with the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office (OSIM), having different positions such as: examiner in the Patent Division, Head of Patent Division, Member of the Board of Appeal of OSIM, member of the commission for drafting the Patent Law Treaty (PLT), member of the Romanian National Chamber of Industrial Property Attorneys. He attended numerous international patent courses, seminars and conferences.