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T&F- Propriété Intellectuelle

Company address  Avenue de Nsimeyong, Rue 7.415-n° 794 et 806, Yaoundé 3
Jurisdiction  Cameroon
Contact person  Contact person: Ms. Armelle TALA FOUDA
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Cabinet T&F, is an intellectual property firm with more than 40 years of personal experience on intellectual property. With professionalism and efficiency, our diverse skilled team of IP expert enables us provide quality service in accordance with the Bangui-adopted Resolution of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), as well as international regulations around the world.
Our aim is to improve the way intellectual property services are offered in our countries, by providing an assistance from the beginning stage of the project  in order to optimise clients IP assets, reduce risk and boost their return on investments through intellectual property protection, monetization and defense.