August 12, 2016

Australia: official fees increase

The Australian Intellectual Property Office (IP Australia) has announced the upcoming fee amendments for patents, trademarks, and designs which will enter into force on October 10, 2016.

The aforesaid amendments will be implemented in the general course of red-tape reduction initiatives. The list of essential changes is presented below.

  • Trademark application fee will be increased from 200 AUD to 330 AUD (approx. 255 USD)
  • Trademark registration fee will be removed
  • Trademark renewal fee will be raised from 300 AUD to 400 AUD (approx. 310 USD)
  • In accordance with the amendments, the order of payment of the fee for late renewal of trademark registration will be changed as well. A late renewal fee in the amount of 100 AUD (approx. 77 USD) will be charged per month or part thereof only. Under the actual legislation, such monthly fee is charged for each class of trademark registration
  • Opposition fees for patents and trademarks will be cancelled. Meanwhile, design opposition fees will be cancelled partially
  • Increase in patent renewal fees will constitute up to 12%

IP Australia states that despite the increase in the trademark application fee, the removal of the registration fee will reduce the overall up-front cost to register a trademark in Australia. The removal of trademark registration fee, cancellation of opposition fees for trademarks and patents and partial cancellation of design opposition fees are carried out in consistency with the intention of the Australian Intellectual Property Office to simplify the fee structure.

For more details, please visit IP Australia’s Official Notice Page.

IP-Coster quotation system will be updated as soon as the changes enter into force.

Author: Lynda Miller