June 01, 2016

Bahrain: trademark official fees increase

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Bahrain has announced the fee amendments for official trademark services to conform to the Law 6/2016 of the GCC Trade Mark Law. According to the amendments, some of trademark application fees have been significantly increased (by 160%-1000%).

The new official fees entered into force on May 29, 2016, and now apply to all new trademark applications as well as pending trademark applications. Our quotation system has been updated accordingly.

Comparative table of the official trademark fee increase in Bahrain is represented below.


  Official Fee Rate, USD
Before May 29, 2016 On and after May 29, 2016
TM Search (per class) 82.5 265
Filing a TM application (in one class) 82.5 265
Publication in the Official Gazette 82.5 132
TM registration 165 1325
Filing a certification  or collective TM application 110 530
Registration of a certification or collective TM 165 1325
TM renewal (within the last year of protection period) 165 1723
Late TM renewal (within 3 months after expiration) 220 1988
TM assignment, merger  including publication of  action in the official gazette 110 397
Change of name and/or address including publication of action  in the official gazette 55 397
Amendment of the TM form  including publication of  action in the official gazette 137.5 397

Author: Lynda Miller