January 27, 2016

Belarus: changes in order of IP related fees payment

On January 1, 2016, amendments pertaining to the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus were enforced. Amendments complemented and clarified an order of IP related fees payment.

One of the changes concerns payment of fees for recordal of license agreement, recordal of assignment for an invention, utility model, industrial design, trademark, as well as fees for other types of recordals. According to the amended law, the above mentioned fees are now payable not for recordal as such but for consideration of the application for recordal. Thus, in the instance of refusal an application for recordal the said fee will not be refunded.

Furthermore, fee reductions applicable for applicants who are natural persons were abolished. In particular, said reduction is not applied anymore for filing and formal examination of the Eurasian patent application and transmittal thereof to EAPO, as well as for transmittal of international application materials to the WIPO through the National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus.

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Author: Lynda Miller