February 04, 2015

India: Changes to the Design Rules

The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks has notified about the implementation of Designs (Amendment) Rules 2014 in India effective from December 30, 2014.

In particular, new Rules identify new categories of applicants: «natural person» and «other than natural person(s)». Whereas, a group «other than natural person(s)» is divided into two subgroups: «small entity» and «others except small entity».

The official fees for proceedings under the Design Rules, now depend on the above-mentioned groups, to which an applicant is related. For a group of «small entity» were established lower fees than for «others except small entity». Important to note that for confirmation of the «small entity» status, the particular form (Form-24) should be submitted by the applicant. The said form as well as the criteria by which the applicant may be referred to a «small entity» are available in the new Design Rules.

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Author: Lynda Miller