March 20, 2018

Chinese patents are to be validated in Cambodia as of March 28, 2018

The system for validation of Chinese patents in the Kingdom of Cambodia has been developed recently. Starting from March 28, 2018, the procedure for obtaining Cambodian patents for the owners of the corresponding Chinese patents will be simplified.

The validation system is believed to become a faster and more cost-effective way for the holders of the Chinese patents to obtain protection in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

It is expected that to have a Chinese patent validated it will be required to file the following documents to the MIH: an application form, a certified copy of the Chinese patent, a Certificate of patent registration, and translation of the Chinese patent into Khmer. However, only a licensed Cambodian patent agent will be authorized to file a validation request.

Besides, only Chinese invention patents (not utility models and design patents) having the application filing date after January 22, 2003, being granted and maintained, will be subject to validation. Duration of the validated patents will be 20 years from the filing date of the corresponding Chinese application, meaning that such patents will have legal force in Cambodia for the rest of the term of the corresponding Chinese patents.

Meantime, the MIH has not established the exact applicable fees and specific validation procedure requirements yet, but they should be specified in the next few months.

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Author: Robert Hackney