February 12, 2015

New criteria for patent fee reduction in Eurasia

According to the recent changes in the Eurasian Patent Regulations effective as of January 1, 2015 new criteria for patent fee reduction were approved.

Under the previous version of the Regulations the official fees for Eurasian patent applications were subject to reduction for natural and legal persons from the countries whose per capita national income is below USD 3,000. New requirements stipulate the possibility of obtainment of this discount for natural persons only.

Legal entities from the above-mentioned countries are not eligible for the discount unless this entity is from the countrу recognized as the least developed by the United Nations.

To get an actual quote for PCT or non-PCT patent applications in Eurasia with the consideration of all possible discounts please visit our quotation system.

You are also welcome to review the brief applicant guide for patent registration in Eurasia:

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Author: Lynda Miller