October 03, 2018

Fee changes in Kazakhstan

On September 21, 2018, the National Institute of Intellectual Property of Kazakhstan has effectuated the amendments recently introduced into the Tax Code.
Accordingly, the state taxes have been eliminated, namely for:
- granting invention, utility model, and design patents;
- issuing trademark certificates;
- appellation of origin of goods; and
- registration of agreements (transfer, license, sublicense, pledge, franchise).
This means that only official fees for the said actions are to be paid.
Furthermore, the document confirming payment of the fees for filing and conducting the formal examination should now be filed together with the filing documents for invention registration. The said payment document may also be filed within two months after filing but on condition that the fee for such a term extension is paid.
The amendments to the fees are slight; however, they have complemented the significant changes recently introduced to the Kazakh IP related legislation.

Author: Jessica Chester