October 03, 2017

Fee changes in Russia

From October 6th, 2017, all fees associated with Intellectual Property registration in Russia will increase. The Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has announced the decision to increase the tariffs in addition to several structural changes to the ways that fees are calculated. This article will briefly describe some of the biggest changes that applicants can expect to face.

Rospatent has announced a significant structural change concerning trademark filing and registration in Russia. Applicants seeking to file their trademark in more than five classes will be subject to a RUB 1000 fee for each additional class. The cost to file a trademark in the first five classes will also increase. Applicants will also be required to bear an additional RUB 2000 for the issuance of a trademark certificate in addition to the payment of the registration fees.

Whilst all fees have increased, there has been a significant rise in the costs associated with patent annuities and design filings which will double in value. In addition to the increase in value, applicants will be required to pay an additional RUB 700 for each claim after the 10th claim rather than RUB 250 after the 25th claim, under the new official guidelines, when filing a patent application in Russia. This will likely mean that more applications will be subject to the additional costs than before. 

These updated fees for represented in our quotation system which has been updated accordingly. We also invite you to visit our applicant's guide for information on trademark, patent or design registration worldwide.

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Author: Thomas Donaghy