May 11, 2017

Finland: changes in patent and trademark fees

As of May 1, 2017, the Finnish Intellectual Property Office introduced the revised patent and trademark fees. The main tendency in the fee changes is slight increase; though, some fees have been reduced and some remain unchanged.

Patent filing fees

The filing fees have increased from 450 EUR to 500 EUR for paper-filed applications and from 350 EUR to 400 EUR for e-filed applications. Also, the excess claims fee has been raised from 40 EUR to 50 EUR. However, the number of claims which may be included in the application without an excess claims fee has been increased from 10 to 15 claims.

Patent publication fees

Publication fees have been raised from 450 EUR to 500 EUR and from 350 EUR to 400 EUR for paper-filed and for e-filed applications correspondingly.

Patent annual fees

The maintenance fees for the first three years as well as for the 14th to the 20th years remain unchanged. The fees for the 4th and the 5th years have been reduced while those for the 6th to the 13th years have been raised.


Annual maintenance fee Before May 1, 2017 On and After May 1, 2017
4th year 155 EUR 125 EUR
5th year 170 EUR 150 EUR
6th year 195 EUR 200 EUR
7th year 245 EUR 250 EUR
8th year 290 EUR 300 EUR
9th year 320 EUR 350 EUR
10th year 360 EUR 400 EUR
11th year 425 EUR 450 EUR
12th year 485 EUR 500 EUR
13th year 540 EUR 550 EUR

Trademark filing fees

The filing fee for a paper-filed trademark application now constitutes 275 EUR instead of 250 EUR. The fee for online filing of a trademark application has increased from 215 EUR to 225 EUR. The revised fee for each additional class in excess of one constitutes 100 EUR instead of 80 EUR.

Trademark renewal fees

Unlike the trademark filing fees, the trademark renewal fees have been decreased. Paper-based renewal of a trademark registration now costs 275 EUR (the previous fee is 300 EUR) while the fee for trademark renewal via the online service has been reduced to 225 EUR instead of 275 EUR. The fee for each additional class in excess of one had been reduced by 20% and constitutes 100 EUR.

Trademark opposition fees

The fee for filing an opposition against a trademark registration has been increased from 215 EUR to 275 EUR.

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Author: Lynda Miller