January 18, 2016

Finland: IP protection fees amendments

Based on a decree of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office has updated pricing structure and some of the fees for patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark protection.

Some services related to IP rights protection in Finland are now free of charge, such as change of the owner's name or domicile, and change of a representative. At the same time, fees for some other services have been insignificantly increased.

New fee for online renewal of a trademark is 275 EUR instead of 235 EUR, fee for late renewal of a trademark is 325 EUR instead of 270 EUR, fees for renewal and late renewal of a collective trademark are 350 EUR and 400 EUR instead of 330 EUR and 355 EUR respectively.

Some fees for industrial design protection matters have been also slightly increased, e.g. fee for filing application online is increased to 215 EUR, fee for each additional class in excess of one is increased to 55 EUR, fee for multiple design registration (for each design in excess of one) is increased to 130 EUR.

Amendments became effective on January 1, 2016.

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Author: Lynda Miller