March 11, 2016

Indonesia: Regulations on the IP License Agreement Recordal

On February 24, 2016, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia issued the Regulations No. 8 “On requirements and procedures for Recordal of Intellectual Property License Agreement”. Previously there was no implementing regulation for this matter in Indonesia.

According to the adopted Regulations, both the licensor and the licensee as well as their representatives may request the recordal of license agreement for IP types.

Such request can be filed in writing to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia or online at official website of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of Indonesia (DGIP).

To get an approval, a request for recordal shall be accompanied by such documents as: a copy of the license agreement; a copy or an official extract from the valid patent, trademark or industrial design registration document; an original signed Power of Attorney to file a request; the document confirming the receipt of prescribed fee; confirmations that protected intellectual property rights are valid and do not infringe national interests, legislation and public order.

The approved recordal request will be published on the DGIP official website within 10 days from the request filing date.

Under the new Regulations, a recordal of an IP license agreement is valid for five years. This period may be prolonged for another five years by refiling the request for recordal.

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Author: Lynda Miller