July 11, 2016

Iraq: new requirements for trademark applications

With the reference to the notification of the IP-Coster agent, the Iraqi Trademarks Office changed the requirements for filing trademark applications in class 5 of the Nice Classification, notwithstanding that no Ministerial Resolution was issued on this subject.

The information indicated below should be provided to the Office in case of filing a trademark application covering pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations and sanitary preparations for medical purposes:

  1. International Nonproprietary Name
  2. Name of manufacturer
  3. Name of distributor
  4. Product label

An aforesaid change will apply to all new and pending applications that have not been examined yet. After submission of the required information, the Office should forward it for approval to the Ministry of Health before conduction of the examination. If an applicant fails to provide the relevant information, the trademark application will be rejected on formal grounds. However, the term for submission of the required information has not been specified yet.

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Author: Lynda Miller