June 11, 2015

Kazakhstan: Changes to the official fees and legislation

New increased fee structure applies to the official fees for trademark applications in Kazakhstan. Generally new official fees increased up to 100% in comparison to the previous rates. In particular, official fee for filing a trademark application for 1-3 classes of the Nice classification in Kazakhstan now equals to 60599.84 KZT (approximately 290 USD), while prior official fee rate for this action was  34003.2 KZT (approximately 170 USD).

According to the said amendments now it is possible to request acceleration of a patent prosecution in Kazakhstan by means of expedited conduction of the formal and substantive examinations. The official fees for acceleration are slightly higher than official fees for regular prosecution.

There are also changes to the discount policy:

1. 15% discount on the patent and utility model examination fee applies, if the ISR or the IPER are available.

2. 20% discount on the official fees for natural and legal persons which are residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan applies for patent, utility models and industrial designs applications.

Said amendments are effective as of June 11, 2015.

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Author: Lynda Miller