December 28, 2015

Latvia: amendments to the Patent Office fee schedule

Patent office of the Republic of Latvia has announced amendments into the official fees schedule for IP protection matters. Rates for most of the official fees are slightly changed. The most significant changes affect official fees for trademark protection. For example, official fee for filing of a collective trademark application was reduced from 213.43 EUR to 150.0 EUR; fee for collective trademark renewal was reduced from 298.8 EUR to 240.0 EUR; fee for trademark renewal was increased from 170.74 EUR to 180.0 EUR.

The amended fee schedule will take effect on January 1, 2016. IP-Coster quotation system will be updated in due course.

To get an actual quote for IP protection in Latvia considering mentioned changes please visit our quotation system. We also advise all IP-Coster users to update projects for upcoming filings in Latvia for correct fee structure.

You are also welcome to review our brief applicant’s guide for registration of the IP rights in Latvia:

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Author: Lynda Miller