October 12, 2015

Moldova: Recognition of European Patents in Moldova

Under agreement between the Government of Moldova and the European Patent Organisation the European patents filed either through direct or PCT route on or after November 1, 2015 can be validated in Moldova. After validation the European patent shall have an effect in Moldova on the same conditions as a national Moldovan patent.

To proceed with validation of the European Patent in Moldova the applicant should pay the validation fee within 6 months from the publication of the European search report or within 31 months from the date of filing of the international application. Within 3 months from publication of the grant of the European patent, the patent owner shall furnish the translation of patent claims into Romanian (the Official language in Moldova) and pay the fee for publication.

President of the EPO noted that this Agreement will simplify access to patent protection in Moldova and open new business opportunities for European companies, which will contribute to the strengthening of innovation in the Republic of Moldova.

Verified by Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners.

Author: Lynda Miller