June 11, 2018

New participants of TMView, DesignView and TMClass

In May 2018, the IP search and classification tools, developed by the European Trademark and Design Network, gained new members.
The Israel Patent Office joined TMview on May 14, 2018, becoming the 66th participating office to provide information on trademarks via the search tool.
The Intellectual Property Office of Montenegro became a participant of the DesignView search system on May 28, 2018. After the inclusion of Montenegro, DesignView currently provides access to designs from 65 IP offices.
Furthermore, on May 7, 2018, the Intellectual Property Offices of Peru and Moldova started using the list of goods and services from TMclass. Outside of the European Union, these national patent offices have become the first to take advantage of the database in their trademark registration practices.
The search and classification tools are helpful for both applicants and examiners. Conveniently,  they are free and available 24/7. The fact that IP offices outside of Europe are making use of these databases, even without their accession to the Network shows that the project is both useful and globally applicable.

Author: Robert Hackney