October 12, 2017

Peru joins TMview

From October 10th, 2017, trademark data from the National Institute for the Defense of Free Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property of Peru (INDECOPI) has been made available on TM View.  

TM View gives its users the opportunity to search for a trademark that they are considering to register and check its availability in specific classes. The database looks to minimize the risk of filing a trademark by presenting a list of registered trademarks following a simple search. 

With the addition of registered trademarks in Peru to the already extensive database, people interested in filing a trademark in Peru can now do so much more efficiently and securely than before. This is not only good news for potential applicants but will also almost certainly promote Intellectual Property protection in Peru and benefit Peru's economy. INDECOPI has become the 59th office to have their registered trademarks represented by the TM View search tool. This addition to the TM View portal brings the total to an estimated 44.4 million trademarks that are now available for users to search for. 

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Author: Thomas Donaghy