January 11, 2017

Poland: a new party to the Global PPH

On January 6, 2017, the Polish Patent Office joined the Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) programme and became the 22nd member of the network.

The characteristic feature of the Global PPH is common procedures of examination acceleration adopted by all the participating IP Offices. Applicants may take advantage of the Global PPH in Poland and use the work products of the Office of Earlier Examination – any of the other 21 Offices participating in the Global PPH – when requesting examination at the Polish Patent Office (Office of Later Examination), and vice versa. The examination results used within the frame of the GPPH may be both national and PCT international work products.

The Global PPH has replaced previous bilateral PPH agreements between the Polish Patent Office and the USPTO (USA), KIPO (Korea), and JPO (Japan). Apart from the Global Patent Prosecution Highway, the Polish Patent Office cooperates with the SIPO (China) under the provisions of a bilateral PPH agreement.

Introduction of the Global PPH program in Poland may be quite profitable for applicants as this will allow to accelerate examination, thus, expediting the whole registration procedure. To plan your IP budget for intellectual property rights registration in Poland and other countries of your interest, please visit our quotation system.

Author: Lynda Miller