October 21, 2016

Poland: official fee changes

On October 6, 2016, the Regulation of the Council of Ministers on charges related to the protection of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits of September 8, 2016 was published in the Polish Official Gazette. The Regulation entered into force on October 14, 2016.

The changes implemented by the Regulation concern fees for protection of trademarks and industrial designs. It is worth mentioning that previously trademark fees were calculated jointly for up to three classes of goods/services with additional fees for each subsequent class. Meanwhile, now, such system is eliminated and fees are estimated for each separate class. Therefore, with regards of the newly introduced fees, the trademark electronic and paper-based filing fees for one class of goods/services constitute 400 and 450 PLN correspondingly (approx. 100 and 115 USD) and 120 PLN (approx. 30 USD) per each subsequent class. Registration fee for each class is currently 400 PLN instead of 400 PLN for up to three classes and 450 PLN (approx. 115 USD) for each class above three. Thus, the introduced changes make TM registration through a single-class application cheaper while multiple-class applications have become more expensive than before.

Design registration fees have remained unchanged. However, industrial design maintenance fees were significantly decreased. Maximum validity term of an industrial design in Poland constitutes 25 years divided into 5 periods five years each. The overall amount of industrial design maintenance fees for the 25-year period reduced from 10400 PLN (approx. 2,640 USD) to 3900 PLN (approx. 990 USD), which, no doubt, makes design maintenance procedure considerably more affordable for patent holders. Please review the said fees for each 5-year period in the comparative table below.


Industrial Design Maintenance fees
  Before October 14, 2016 On and After October 14, 2016
The period of the 1st – 5th years 400 PLN (approx. 100 USD) 150 PLN (approx. 38 USD)
The period of the 6th – 10th years 1000 PLN (approx. 255 USD) 250 PLN (approx. 64 USD)
The period of the 11th – 15th years 2000 PLN (approx. 510 USD) 500 PLN (approx. 128 USD)
The period of the 16th – 20th years 3000 PLN (approx. 765 USD) 1000 PLN (approx. 255 USD)
The period of the 21st – 25th years 4000 PLN (approx.  1020 USD) 2000 PLN (approx. 510 USD)


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Author: Lynda Miller