July 10, 2019

Recent updates on TMView and DesignView

The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of the Lao People's Democratic Republic joined TMView on June 5, 2019. In addition, TMView Visual Search tool gained four new participants in June. The number of participating IPOs has now grown to 16 with the Czech Republic, Ireland, Croatia and Slovakia on board. Visual Search is an addition to TMView piloted in 2017, which allows for trademark search by image. TMView provides access to 53.3 million trademark records globally and has continued to grow since its introduction on April 13, 2010. China, Germany and Spain are among the top three countries for frequent usage of TMview.

Besides, on June 5, 2019, the DIP of Lao People's Democratic Republic as well as the Cambodian Ministry of Industry and Handicraft (MIH) made their design data available to DesignView. DesignView was introduced on November 19, 2014, providing data for over 14.5 million designs. The search tool has facilitated almost 4.4 million searches worldwide. The UK, Germany and China are among the top three countries for frequent usage of the search tool.



Author: Lynda Miller