February 27, 2017

Singapore: upcoming fee changes

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) announced the upcoming changes in patent and trademark fees which will take effect on April 1, 2017.

The fee for patent search/supplementary search is decreased from 1,925 SGD (1,371 USD) to 1, 650 SGD (1,175 USD); the fee for patent search and examination is decreased from 2,600 SGD (1,852 USD) to 1,950 SGD (1,390 USD). The fee for requesting search & examination where a PCT ISR/IPER was issued by IPOS is also reduced – from 2,600 SGD (1,852 USD) to 1,650 SGD (1,175 USD).

IPOS also introduces the excess claim fee at the stages of search, examination and grant – 40 SGD (29 USD) per claim in excess of 20. Please note that currently there is no excess claim fee at the stage of search and examination; in the meantime, the excess claims fee at the stage of grant constitutes 20 SGD (14 USD) per claim in excess of 25.

The increase will also affect patent maintenance fees. Annual fees will be raised by 37% on overage. 


  Before April 1, 2017 On and After April 1, 2017
8th – 10th years 270 SGD (192 USD) per year 370 SGD (264 USD) per year
11th – 13th years 350 SGD (250 USD) per year 520 SGD (370 USD) per year
14th – 16th years 490 SGD (350 USD) per year 670 SGD (477 USD) per year
17th – 19th years 600 SGD (427 USD) per year 820 SGD (584 USD) per year
20th year 710 SGD (505 USD) per year 970 SGD (690 USD) per year


As for trademark fees, the changes affect filing and renewal fees. Thus, the trademark e-filing fee will constitute 240 SGD (170 USD) per class instead of 341 SGD (243 USD) per class. The renewal fee will be raised from 250 SGD (178 USD) per class to 380 SGD (270 USD) per class. Late renewal of a trademark registration will cost 560 SGD (400 USD) per class instead of 370 SGD (264 USD) per class.

Additionally, fees for change of the applicant’s, owner’s or agent’s name, address or address for service as well as for appointment, change and removal of the agent will be eliminated.

Our system will be duly updated as soon as the revised fees are effective. We welcome you to visit our quotation system to get an actual quote for IP rights registration in Singapore and other countries of your interest.


Author: Lynda Miller