July 11, 2018

The updated IP fee schedule in Georgia

On June 12, 2018, the Government of Georgia published its amendments to the official fee schedule for immediate effect. The background to these changes was introduced in the updated Georgian IP laws that were established in late 2017.

The current Georgian Patent Law stipulates the possibility of obtainment of supplementary protection certificates (SPC) for pharmaceuticals and plant varieties. As a result, the amended fee schedule now contains corresponding fees for their registration and maintenance.

At the same time, the fees for claiming priority for both patent and utility model applications have been eliminated.

Additionally, the fees for the accelerated registration of trademarks and collective marks have been differentiated in the amended fee schedule. Whilst the acceleration of trademark registration procedures remains unchanged, the fees associated with accelerated registration of collective marks have been increased by as much as 30-100 USD.

Furthermore, in case of filing the application materials electronically, applicants may currently benefit from a discount in the amount of 20% of the total fees for all stages of registration for any IP type.

The act of amending these IP laws and consequently updating the fee schedule shows that Georgia has continually been streamlining its IP legislation, bringing it into compliance with the EU directives. By introducing the discount for electronic filings, the Georgian patent office strives to create a paperless and user-friendly environment for its applicants.

Author: Lynda Miller