December 19, 2017

Ukraine intends to increase the fees related to Intellectual Property protection

Recently, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has come up with amendments to the fee payment procedures in respect of all IP matters. At the moment these changes have not come into force, waiting for final confirmation; however, the changes will be significant.

Although currently the fees for invention and utility model patent registration are the same, the amended fees will be different: patent filing fees will be doubled, when utility model fees - tripled. Patent annuities up to the 20th year inclusive will become three times higher, while the annual fees for the 21st-25th years will increase by eight times. Besides, some structural developments might be implemented, e.g. additional charges will apply for pages in excess of 100. Also, design patent fees are to be increased by 50-300 % in general.

It’s worth noticing, that according to the Ukrainian IP Law if all the applicants are inventors/designers, they pay only 5% of the official fees. Once the amendments take effect, the inventors applying for an invention patent will pay 10%, and the inventors/designers applying for a utility model patent or a design patent will pay 20% of the relevant official fees. Even though these changes are not in the favor of the applicants, Ukrainian IP legislation is still rather supportive of the inventors.

The major fee increase applies to the trademarks, as almost all the necessary fees will be increased by 400%, changing the filing fee from approximately 30 euros to 120 euros.

In the meantime, while most of the changes are addressed to balance the quality-to-price ratio on IPR protection, there is also an applicant-friendly modification concerning electronic filing. Applying for any type of patent or a trademark electronically gives the applicant a 20% reduction.

For more information on the IPR protection in Ukraine or any other jurisdiction, please visit our applicant’s guide. Once these amendments are adopted, our quotation system will be updated accordingly to provide you only with the up-to-date fees.

Verified by Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat & Partners.

Author: Lynda Miller