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Danielle Carvey
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London, United Kingdom

With IP-Coster since 2018

With a range of professional experience in the legal sector spanning from Intellectual Property Law to Criminal Law, I work closely with the IP-Coster team to conduct legal research into intellectual property laws and developments. I also advise clients as to the requirements of filing for patents, trademarks and design rights internationally. In addition, I am currently studying a Masters in Law at The University of Law.

I have experience in designing and implementing marketing strategies and represent IP-Coster at networking events. I am a keen human rights advocate and act as a delegate for an international criminal law charity, as well as having previously undertaken pro bono work with Amnesty International. With a range of previous experience, I offer transferable skills that I utilize to liaise confidently with clients, attorneys and other professionals, and to effectively assist the intellectual property protection process.

Recent posts by Danielle Carvey

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