Annual maintenance fees for pending and granted applications in Lithuania - patents, trademarks, designs
  •  Annual fees for patent maintenance in Lithuania (national and European patents)

The duration of the patent is calculated from the filing date and constitutes 20 years. Maintenance fees should be paid annually to keep the application or patent in force.

Supplementary protection certificates for five additional years may be obtained for patents protecting medicinal or plant protection products and for five and a half years for patents relating to a human medicinal product for which data from clinical trials conducted in accordance with an agreed Paediatric Investigation Plan (PIP) have been submitted.

The first annuity is due on the third year of the patent validity counting from the filing date. It should be paid in advance but not earlier than two months before the due date. The fee for maintenance is to be paid even if the patent has not yet been granted.

The Patent Office issues a notification to the patent owner if the payment of the annual fees has been missed.

In case of non-observance of the above time limit, it is still possible to effect the payment within six months after the due date expiry. The surcharge of 50% will be added to the fee due.

Annual fees for European patents validated in the territory of Lithuania are paid in the same manner as annual fees for national patents. For European patents, annuities are paid to the Lithuanian Patent Office for the year which follows that in which the mention of the grant of the European patent has been published.

  • Renewal fees for industrial designs in Lithuania

Initial term of a design registration in Lithuania is five years from the filing date with possibility of renewal every five years until the validity term reaches its maximum of 25 years.

Industrial design registration in Lithuania may be renewed in respect of all or some of the designs included in the registration.

Requests for renewal of the design registration should be made within the last six months of the previous five-year term. Payment after the deadline is still possible within six months after the expiration of the validity term; however, extra fee in the amount of 50% from the renewal fee due applies.

  • Renewal fees for trademark registration in Lithuania

Lithuanian trademarks are valid for 10 years from the date of filing and can further be renewed for all or some of the goods and services. The renewal is possible for 10-year terms and can be requested for unlimited number of times.

The request for renewal should be filed and the fee should be paid during the last six months of the validity term. After expiration of the trademark validity, the right holder has six additional months to renew the trademark.

  • Restoration for patents, industrial designs and trademarks in Lithuania

The patent will be considered revoked if the maintenance fee has not been paid during the grace period. Restoration of the patent is possible within two months of removal of the cause of non-compliance with the time limit or within 12 months of expiry of the non-observed time limit or, in cases of non-compliance with the time limit for payment of renewal fees, within 12 months of expiry of the grace period prescribed in the Article 5bis of the Paris Convention, whichever period ends earlier.

If the renewal fee for design registration is not paid at the prescribed time, design registration lapses and cannot be restored.

If no renewal took place within six months after expiration of the validity term, a trademark is removed from the Register and considered to be lapsed. No restoration is possible.