August 22, 2019

Argentina and Montenegro amend their IP fees

The intellectual property offices of Argentina (INPI) and Montenegro have implemented amendments to their fee schedules for trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs. 

Entering into effect as of July 2019, Argentina’s fee amendments are the first since 2017. Patent fees have altered by as much as 22%, with a new filing fee of ARS 6,000 for up to ten claims and ARS 400 for further claims, rising from ARS 4,920 and ARS 180 respectively. Examination fees have also increased by approximately 22% from ARS 4,100 for up to ten claims and ARS 180 for further claims to ARS 10,000 and ARS 400 respectively. The annual fees will now total ARS 3,000 for each of the first three years, increasing from ARS 1,450.  The fee for years four to six is ARS 5,000 compared with the previous rate of ARS 3,500 and ARS 12,000 for the seventh and subsequent years, rising from ARS 7,000. 

The fee for filing of a utility model application with up to ten claims has risen by 22%, from ARS 2,460 to ARS 3,000 and the examination fee by a dramatic 144% from ARS 2,050 to ARS 5,000. The fees payable for further claims have also risen, with the fees for both filing and examination of claims over ten increasing from ARS 90 to ARS 200. The annual fees for each of the first three years now constitute ARS 1,500 as opposed to the previous fee of ARS 725 whilst the years of four to six now cost ARS 2,500, rising from ARS 1,750. The fee payable for each year starting from the seventh has inflated from ARS 3,500 to ARS 6,000.

The fees for trademark filing have also risen in a similar nature, with the filing fee increasing by 30% from ARS 1,700 to ARS 2,210. The trademark renewal fee has also inflated by 30%, from ARS 2,100 to ARS 2,730.

Industrial design fees have increased more dramatically by an average of 50%, with the filing fee now constituting ARS 2,550, increasing from the previous fee of ARS 1700. The renewal of design registration now costs ARS 3,150, rising from ARS 2,100.

Alongside other minor fee amendments, Montenegro has decreased its filing fee for a collective mark, dropping from EUR 125 to EUR 100 for up to 3 classes. Additional classes will now require payment of EUR 15 as opposed to the previous fee of EUR 30.


Author: Danielle Carvey