February 12, 2019

Brazil launches its first Manual of Industrial Designs

The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) officially launched the first edition of the Industrial Designs Manual on January 8, 2019, which is intended for implementation as of March 9, 2019.

The manual effectively consolidates procedural guidelines in relation to industrial designs, affording applicants, prosecutors and examiners easily accessible tips and guidance on the protection process of this IP type. This guidance includes instructions on formulating applications as well as the examination process, application monitoring and the entire prosecution process for industrial designs.

Following public consultations held between August and September 2017, the manual was developed in line with over 200 contributions discussed and resolved by the Standing Committee for the Improvement of Procedures and Examination Guidelines.

The industrial design manual release has occurred alongside the successful 2018 statistical results of the Brazilian PTO. The past year has shown a substantial reduction in the processing time for industrial designs, as well as an increase in productivity and a 63% decrease in the backlog for industrial design processing. Furthermore, 2018 saw a 33% increase in industrial design registrations and an almost 2% increase in filings.

With the launch and impending implementation of the new Industrial Designs Manual as well as optimistic 2018 statistical results, the Brazilian PTO has entered 2019 with a successful start. It is hoped that with effective utilisation, the manual will succeed in improving the industrial design protection process, and encourage further filings.

Author: Danielle Carvey