February 20, 2020

New Zealand: Revised IP fees and accession to TMView

Last year’s revision of the official patent, trademark and design fees in New Zealand resulted in several changes in the patent and trademark fee schedules, whilst design fees remain unaltered. The amendments entered into effect as of February 13, 2020, with the implementation of the Patents Amendment Regulations 2019 and Trade Marks Amendment Regulations 2019.

The fee adjustments have been implemented with the view of aligning IP fee revenue with the service costs for intellectual property protection in New Zealand. Consideration was taken to ensure a fit for purpose review of these fees, and it is hoped that the alignment of costs in the revised fee structure will contribute to a more effective and efficient service.

While patent fees have experienced a significant increase, amendments introduced to the trademark fee schedule have been made in the form of reductions. 

New Zealand also joined TMView as of February 17, 2020. Containing data for over 70 participating IP offices, TMView allows users to access the information of over 57 million trademarks. The move has strengthened international cooperation between New Zealand and global IP offices.

The amendments are detailed in the table below:

Patents Previous Fee (NZD) Updated Fee (NZD)
Examination fee   500   750  
Additional claims for examination if over 25 (in sets of 5)   100   200  
Application maintenance fee due on the 4th and each subsequent year from the filing date (if paid within 3 months prior to the anniversary)   100   200  
Late payment of the maintenance fee due on the 4th and each subsequent year from the filing date (if paid in the 6 months following the anniversary)   150   300  
Patent renewal fee for years 4-9   100   200  
Patent renewal fee for year 10-14   200   450  
Patent renewal fee for years 15-19   350   1000  
Surcharge for the late payment of renewal fee (up to 6 months after due date)   50   100  
Restoration fee for an application or a patent   100   600  
Trademarks Previous Fee (NZD) Updated Fee (NZD)
Filing fee (in one class)   150   100  
Additional class fee (per each class)   150   100  
Filing fee (if search and preliminary advice were obtained within 3 months prior to the application)   N/A   50  
Filing fee (if the specification of goods or services exclusively consists of pre-approved descriptions)   N/A   70  
Combined search and preliminary advice fee   80   50  
Trademark renewal fee   350   200  
Search fee   40   50  

















Author: Danielle Carvey