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July 17, 2019

Significant changes to the official fee schedule in Ukraine

The intellectual property office of Ukraine has made major revision of its fee schedule. The amendments concern fees for patents, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks. The changes are based on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No. 496 of June 12, 2019, and enter into effect as of July 19, 2019.

Previously, the discount for inventors constituted 95%; however, it is now decreased to 90%. Similarly, the discount of 95% for inventors of utility models and industrial designs has dropped to 80%. The new fee for filing a patent application constitutes 1,600 UAH, rising by 50% from the previous 800 UAH. Additionally, the fee for filing a utility model has risen from 800 UAH to 2,400 UAH. The maintenance fees for a patent have also increased by 50%, with the previous fee of 300 UAH for the first annuity rising to 600 UAH, and rising up to 30,400 UAH from 3,800 UAH for the 25th year. 

The fee for filing a single-class trademark application has risen from 1,000 UAH to 4,000 UAH, constituting a 400% increase in fees. The fee for submitting a trademark in colour has also increased from 500 UAH to 1,000 UAH. Furthermore, the new fee for filing an industrial design constitutes 1,600 UAH as opposed to the previous fee of 800 UAH, and the validity term of a design can now be prolonged up to 25 years instead of 15.

Additionally, the discount of 90% for universities and non-governmental organisations has also dropped to 80% for patents and to 60% for utility models. Contrary to the overall increase in fees, the Ukrainian IPO has introduced new discounts for online filing. The discount constitutes 20% and applies to the fees for patents, industrial designs, utility models and trademarks. 

The fee schedule in Ukraine has not been amended since 2004, therefore such an update demonstrates a necessary move by the Ukrainian IPO. 

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Author: Danielle Carvey