May 15, 2019

The Dominican Republic increases their official fees

The National Industrial Property Office (ONAPI) of the Dominican Republic has announced an increase in their official fees in relation to patents, designs, utility models and trademarks. The new fees were formally announced upon the publication of the March Official Gazette and entered into force as of May 2, 2019.

The filing fees for the aforementioned protection types have risen significantly. The updated fee for filing of a patent is RD$ 11,500, giving rise to a 15% increase from the previous fee of RD$ 10,000. Also surging by 15%, the fee for utility model filing now constitutes RD$ 8050 as opposed to the previous RD$ 7000. Furthermore, the fee for claiming priority for patents, industrial designs and utility models has increased from RD$ 2000 to RD$ 2300.

Regarding examination, the fees have risen by 15% for both patents and utility models, with the fees increasing respectively from RD$ 12,000 to RD$ 13,800 and RD$ 8000 to RD$ 9200. For the filing and examination of industrial designs (1 to 5) the fees have grown from RD$ 10,700 to RD$ 12,305, and RD$ 15,000 to RD$ 17,250 (6-20).

Additionally, both the fee for acceleration of a patent application publication and the search fee for patents have risen from RD$ 4000 to RD$ 4600. The fee for unaccelerated application publication for patents, utility models and industrial designs has increased by 15% again, from RD$ 3000 to RD$ 3450. Further, the publication fee for all IP protection types once granted has also risen from RD$ 4000 to RD$ 4600.

In respect of filing for a service, brand or collective trademark, the fee has grown from RS$ 4735 to RD$ 5445. Each additional class for each of these trademark types has risen from RD$ 3575 to RD$ 4111. In addition, to claim priority for each class, the fee has changed from RD$ 1120 to RD$ 1288. The rate of renewal is now RD$ 2875 compared to the previous rate of RD$ 2500, whilst late renewal surcharge has risen from RD$ 450 to RD$ 518.

The newly enforced fees reflect the necessary need for the fee schedule reform by the ONAPI. Prior to these amendments, the fees had not been amended since 2013.



Author: Danielle Carvey