March 22, 2021

The EAPO introduces a new patent Pharmaceutical Register

The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) has created a new Pharmaceutical Register for patents, which was announced by the office on March 1, 2021. It comprises Eurasian patents that have active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and their international non-proprietary names (INN), of which there are approximately 170 on the register thus far.

The information detailed on the register in relation to the pharmaceutical patents includes their legal status, such as the validity in EAPC member states, relevant licensing agreements, and extensions of the patent validity terms granted by the EAPO. Moreover, the register provides data on the corresponding patent in the Eurasian Patent Register and Publication Server, as well as any available information on the registration of the medicinal products based on these patents in contracting EAPC states.

It is currently available exclusively in the Russian language, however an English version is expected to be implemented in due course.

The Pharmaceutical Register was initially created without the input of patent right holders, however, Eurasian patent owners, or their representatives, may request the placement of their patent on the Pharmaceutical Register, which will be verified by the EAPO prior to their inclusion on the database. These requests should be in relation to Eurasian patents providing the protection of active pharmacological products such as biotechnological products, chemical compounds, formulation patents including compositions and combinations, as well as medical uses of said products and methods of production.

The register is set to provide details to the public on Eurasian pharmaceutical patents, increasing accessibility to a plethora of information regarding these types of innovations which may be utilised by third parties.

Author: Danielle Carvey