February 10, 2021

The Russian Intellectual Property Office now allows for 3-Dimensional representations of IP

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia (ROSPATENT) has implemented an amended version of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which entered into force as of January 17, 2021. The alterations, initially signed and published on July 20, 2020, concern the main types of IP protection inclusive of patent, utility model, trademark and industrial design rights, and introduce the allowance of 3-Dimensional models in applications for the aforementioned IP types.

Such 3-Dimensional representations will be permitted by way of submissions filed in electronic or paper form alongside the application to the Russian intellectual property office. Several Civil Code articles have been amended to allow for the acceptance of 3-Dimensional representations of the aforementioned IP types, allowing applicants to fully convey the concept of the subject matter to the office and third parties, as well as for the examiners to better gage it while evaluating their registrability.

It is worth noting for applicants that any 3-Dimensional model submitted to the office should be no larger than 50 MB, and is mainly accepted in STEP, U3D, PRC, OBJ, and STL formats. Further, 3-Dimensional models submitted as amendments in relation applications filed prior to January 17, 2021 will only be taken into account to a degree that does not change the application in substance.

The new Civil Code has also established that certificates of grant will be issued in electronic form for applications filed after January 17, 2021, unless specifically requested to be provided in paper form by the applicant. Electronic IP right grant certificates in relation to applications filed prior to January 17, 2021 will be issued to applicants along with paper certificates.

Following the allowance of 3-Dimensional models, the first application for an invention containing a 3D model was filed with the Russian IP office on February 3, 2021.

The beginning of 2021 has seen several countries amend their intellectual property legislation, fee schedules and operation rules, perhaps indicative of a contemporary era in the global IP sphere. The newly authorized acceptance of 3-Dimensional representations of patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs in Russia is a significant indicator of the modernisation of the IP field in the jurisdiction, and will no doubt assist with increasing IP filings in the country.

Author: Danielle Carvey