April 15, 2020

TMView, DesignClass and DesignView: new participants and improvements

The EUIPO has undertaken extensive improvements to both DesignView and TMView. The databases have been redesigned to include a more user-friendly interface, giving users the opportunity to experience enhanced navigation. Additionally, a wider scope of search criteria (application number, trademark type, status, etc.) is now available through both DesignView and TMView, allowing for a more efficient search process.

Further facilitating a smoother search experience, users will now be able to select and place trademarks and designs next to each other for ease of comparison, as well as to receive alerts for changes in data of specific trademarks and designs. Furthermore, previous searches conducted through TMView and DesignView will now be available for access directly through the respective database home page. Search results can now also be exported into alternative formats, including Word, PDF or Excel documents.

TMview has been running since 2010, comprising almost 60 million trademarks from 70 IP offices. DesignView was created two years later in 2012, consisting of over 15 million designs from 66 IP offices. They are currently available in a variety of 38 different languages, being an accessible tool for users internationally.

Marking the latest addition to TMView, the intellectual property office of Australia officially joined the tool as of April 6, 2020, and became the 74th participating office. IP Australia has contributed a further 1.6 million trademarks to the database, making the total amount of trademarks available through TMView approximately 59.1 million.

Whilst already a participating office to TMView, the Polish Patent Office took the further step of joining the visual search tool of TMView as of March 23, 2020. This allows for the search of trademarks to occur via images. Inclusive of Poland, there are now 24 participating offices to the visual search tool.

As of March 30, 2020, the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) joined the Common Harmonised Database on Product Indications (HDBPI), facilitated by DesignClass. This harmonised database consists of product indications, allowing for the search of specific translated terms in 27 languages. As per the integration of Finland into the database, users of DesignClass are able to access product indications with Finnish translations via the tool, which now comprises all official languages of the EU. The move was made with the support of EUIPO’s European Cooperation Project, making Finland the 35th IP office to join the database alongside all national and regional IP offices in the European Union.

Author: Danielle Carvey