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European patent validation in Lithuania

from 509.00
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Detailed information related to the European Patent.

  • Translation into Lithuanian 

The translation of European patent claims into Lithuanian has to be filed within three months from publication of the grant of the European patent.

  • Validation fees

Fees associated with validation of the European patent in Lithuania are available in the fee calculator.

Annual maintenance fees are payable for each year starting from the third one. Annuities become due on the last day of the validity year and are payable within two last months of the current validity term. Late payment with a 50% surcharge is possible within 6 months after the expiry of patent validity.

  • Representation by a patent attorney

For foreign applicants, it is necessary to perform validation of a European Patent in Lithuania with the help of an agent, a registered Lithuanian patent attorney.

Brief summary is based on the information provided by MSP Europe, UAB. on 07.04.2023
Please contact us if the above information is not in conformity with Lithuanian IP Laws