April 26, 2017

Innovation – Improving Lives

IP-Coster team would like to warmly congratulate everyone engaged in the Intellectual Property sphere on the World IP Day!

Every year we celebrate this holiday on April 26 as this is the date of the establishment of the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1970. Up until now this has been one of the most important steps towards the new level of the IP rights protection worldwide.

This year, the theme of the World IP Day is “Innovation – Improving Lives.” It is innovations that push our world towards progress, new technologies and better lives. Every day hundreds of inventors apply for a patent granted for their novel devices, processes, compositions, etc. in most different fields of science and technology, be it biology, engineering, nanotechnology, or virtual reality. These inventions, among the others, lead science to new developments, make our technologies more eco-friendly and medicines safer, and increase the quality of life in general.

We wish continuous success and prosperity and, of course, Happy IP Day to all our colleagues and friends! IP-Coster team is proud to be a part of our big IP family!