July 26, 2023

IP-Coster website - redesign

IP-Coster is pleased to unveil our refreshed and updated website design!

The launch of the new design is complete with an improved platform interface, and is set to enhance user experience for IP applicants, agents and attorneys, and prospective new clients alike.

The upgraded homepage provides for a rejuvenated hub with access to all of the tools the IP-Coster platform has to offer to assist you with the IP protection and maintenance process.

The updated budgeting forecast tool remains quick and efficient at providing instantaneous fee estimates for patents, trademarks and designs worldwide, with the new interface creating a sleeker and smoother version of the convenient tool.

In conjunction with the budgeting forecast tool, it is also now quicker and easier than ever to obtain detailed fee quotations using our new and improved quotation tool, which boasts added speed and functionality. The IP-Coster quotation system continues to offer a competitive advantage for obtaining accurate IP fee quotations, inclusive of official and agent fees, through a quick and simple process which is now more streamlined.

Complete with a slicker overall look, the homepage also provides efficient links to the IP-Academy, IP-Guide, IP-Listing, IP-Workflow and Messaging system, offering a wide range of professional and educational services at your fingertips.

IP-Coster hopes that users will continue to utilize the comprehensive tools that the platform has to offer, now complete with improved website functionality and interface, and that our ongoing drive toward creating an ever-advancing professional and cohesive platform will prove invaluable to your IP portfolio and clients.

As always, we hope to provide a tailored and personal service to all, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Author: Danielle Carvey