May 25, 2016

IP-Coster Platform: updates announcement

We are constantly improving the system features and very pleased to announce recent updates of IP-Coster Platform during the first half of 2016.

Improved quotation procedure for PCT applications

Getting quotes for PCT national and regional phases has become easier due to the integration with WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE database. This new feature allows obtaining application details based on the provided PCT application number.

Online search databases’ links in IP-Guide

Links of national, regional and international search databases have been added to the IP-Guide country chapters in more than 65 jurisdictions. To find the online databases’ links in IP-Guide, choose the country and IP type of your interest and refer to the Note subsection.

Live Support Chat

IP-Coster support team is glad to provide you with real-time assistance in any matter regarding IP-Coster Platform. Please refer to Online Support window to resolve any queries you might have.

Mobile-friendly website

We have launched an updated mobile version of IP-Coster Platform. The new version improves usability and enhances performance of IP-Coster Platform on mobile devices. Mobile version has also become device-aware allowing its users to have reliable access to main features of IP-Coster Platform at all times.

IP-Coster IOS App

IP-Coster users with Android devices have already valued IP-Coster app on Google Play, and now we’ve launched an IP-Coster app on App Store.

Messenger’s Updated Interface

Messenger’s interface has been redesigned to improve its usability in communications between applicants and agents via the platform.

You are welcome to enjoy the new updates of IP-Coster Platform!